Study Snow Day Essentials

As Oklahoma becomes a white winter wonderland, it creates the perfect opportunity for a snuggly study day (and maybe indulge on a new season of Criminal Minds....). Everyone has different study habits, but my favorite way is snuggled up cozy in bed with everything I need at arms length. Comfort and an array of girly school supplies get me through a long day of homework. You will never find me without my Lululemon wunder under leggings.... aka THE BEST LEGGINGS EVER and a pair of fuzzy socks, I get mine at target (basically I live there). Another essential of mine is to have enough time to get things done, I block off one whole day dedicated to homework and studying so I don't feel rushed and can really focus. Keep scrolling to see pictures of my favorite essentials!!


taking breaks to write snail mail with these adorable cards from Target 

this polka dot notebook is perfect for taking notes along side my metallic gold planner that is e v e r y t h i n g 

you will catch me drinking green tea almost everyday. tea calms and relaxes me, making studying easier. as of late, I have been drinking the Fit Tea 14 day detox and I must say that the tea is actually pretty good. 

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