The Big Easy

Ahhhhhhhhh Spring Break!! This Spring break was not spent at the beach... *sigh* but it was very well spent in New Orleans. My boyfriend Brian and I took a road trip to New Orleans. This was our second time to be there and it is such a great city. If you love to travel, you HAVE to spend a few nights here. Is post Spring break depression a thing?? If so, I have it. Keep reading to find out about my favorite eats and places!!

Brian and I shopping in the French Quarter

The buildings in the French Quarter have so much color and character it is impossible to walk by them without snapping a few photos. 

The blooms on this building were so colorful and fun it really got me in the mood for Spring 

I have two words: Bourbon Street
New Orleans is known for this street and what you experience here will forever change you...
This is the St. Patricks Day parade on Bourbon... It went on for about 2 hours and the streets were this packed all night... I stayed on this balcony the entire time because there was no way I was stepping into the hurricane of humans. I did get to throw a few beads off.. (top 10 funnest things to do)

Brian and I stopped into this place on a whim late one night because we were starving and little did we know how good it was going to be. Daisy Dukes is a hole in the wall place.. literally 10 tables max.... anywho the food was p h e n o m e n a l. I read reviews on yelp while waiting for our waitress and I got the pancakes everyone raved about... SO GOOD. Brian got the sampler which had 3 different gumbos and oysters. He talked about the gumbo for the entire rest of the trip.... They are also known for their famous Bloody Mary's, I don't like the taste but B ordered one just to see what all the hype was about. Definitely a MUST if ever in New Orleans.

CAFE DU MONDÈ!! AKA the best beignets you will ever eat. You also have get the cafe au last.. No questions, just get it. This place has been in New Orleans for y e a r s. I am talking before we were born. The line will be 100+ people long so be prepared. The best time to go is late afternoon-night because thats when there really is no line but to find a table is the biggest task. (PS: NICK JONAS WAS HERE THE DAY I LEFT........... I AM SO DISAPPOINTED)

I am not a fan of seafood, but Brian is a seafood aficionado so everywhere we went it was oysters, oysters, and more oysters. This restaurant was called Dragos, they are known for their baked oysters (on the left) and he loved them! Also a must try

awwwhhhh my cutie bf with the palm trees
This place was connected to our hotel. It was a quaint little sports bar with a patio and also really nice inside seating. The food was typical sports bar food... These pretzel bites with their beer cheese dipping sauce....... actually to die for (I may or may not dream about them).

This was inside Mannings, the sports bar connected to our hotel. They had these super comfy chairs with pull out tables to sit in right in front of the FOUR giant tv's...... Every boys dream

Our third time at Cafe Du Mondè..........

We stopped and stayed the night in Dallas... (thanks for housing us Aunt Tina & Jason)
MAJOR shopping and of course you have to stop at In n Out!

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