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Summer has QUICKLY come and gone, but it was definitely one for the books. There is nothing that excites me more than when the first of August rolls around because that means I can finally shop for school supplies!!! I love love love all things school supplies; pens, markers, planners, folders....... e v e r y t h i n g. I know I am not the only one with this obsession and so today I am sharing with you all what my favorite supplies and how I keep organized and organize my planner! happy reading!!
No one likes a plain laptop, so I picked up this Macbook skin from this Etsy shop and I really recommend her! It is high quality and is super cute on your laptop!! 

I use the Day Designer planners and it is awesome! They are a great size and have super cute designs. 

There is also this layout with 6AM-7PM boxes allowing you to plan out every single hour of you day... it is pure genius. After I finish the tasks I like to mark a line through them, the going back through and seeing all that I accomplished that day. If there is no line through the task, then I know I have to carry it over to the next day. There is also a gratitude box allowing you to write what you are thankful for and I really enjoy writing what I am grateful for each month.
A trick that helps me keep organized is color coding my planner. I use a different color for each class so I can easily tell what is due for each subject-- my fav colored pens are these from Paper Mate!! 

A notebook is definitely an essential because I am a visual learner so taking notes on my laptop is just not for me. This Kate Spade notebook is suuuuuper adorable! I also keep a snack in my backpack because I always find myself hungry in the middle of class-- my fav are these granola bars from Nature Valley 

PAUSE!!! How cute is this planner!?!!? I found this one at Target and it was the last one on the shelf.... it was basically fate. This is the Day Designer Planners that can be found at Target or here on their website and I highly recommend them for all my college girlies 

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