A peek inside my bag

Hello pretties!! I'm back with a peek into what I carry around everyday. I just got my dream bag for my 20th birthday back in October and it has been glued to my hand ever since!!! Keep reading to see whats inside!

This bag is so beautiful...... the leather is literally like butter and it will hold just about ANYTHING. It is the Gucci Boston 

These are my everyday necessities-- if I'm wearing white you better believe there is a stain on it so my holy grail is the Tide Togo pen-- my signature smell is Daisy by Marc Jacobs, ugh it smells so good 
I always have to have hand sanitizer and a hand cream, and this is my fave duo from B&B!! Every year I buy out all full and travel sizes of this hand cream because it smells so good

Carmex is my BFF, I can't go anywhere without it--my two fave lippies at the moment are Diva and Rebel from MAC; one is a more red while the other is more purple toned 

I think this wallet is such a great staple, I love the bright red and it will seriously hold a n y t h i n g--to keep everything together, I got this little gold sparkle bag from Nordstrom Rack and it is so cute and compact 
Two other must haves are these Ray Bans, my eyes are super sensitive so I need them d a i l y-- as well as a cube because you can be caught anywhere with a phone and a cord.. but there is always no cube

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