Lash Extensions

I love the holidays because you get to add a little extra glam to everything!!! In this case; my lashes. I get a million questions everyday about my lashes so I'm here to give you all the 411 on eye lash extensions!! I always get a little rush when the checkout lady at Target says "oh wow are those your real lashes?!" hesitant to say yes, I always end up saying no. My natural lashes are really long, but the Vietnameese in me makes them pin straight.... *ugh* Keep scrolling to see the process and transformation.
This is the before; I was not kidding when I said my lashes were pin straight. First, she tapes down your lower lid so that she can get the view of only your top lashes and then she puts down something on top of the tape to keep the glue and yuck out of your eye. 

And this is the after!! Seriously I love it--and it is actually relaxing to lay there with soft spa music playing for 2 hours... jk I get so bored 30 mins in. I suggest you bring an audio book or take a cat nap.
You also need to get a fill every 3-5 weeks, depending on how good you take care of them.
She gives you a spoolie to brush them out every morning and night--this is a CRUCIAL step in care taking 

To a lot of girls lashes are everything, and lash extensions are 100000x better than those icky strip fake lashes. They give such girly pop to your eyes it's incredible
With lash extensions, you don't NEED mascara but you can still wear it, I don't wear any on my extensions, but I wear it occasionally on my bottom lashes--it is a bit of an adjustment because you cannot use products with any kind of oil, it will break down the lash glue and you will be sorry!!! Here are some my favorite oil free products
makeup remover wipes | mascara | face wash |
If you are needing suggestions on where to go, my cousin does them and she's awesome! Call 405-936-6260 and ask for Joline!

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