Weekend Wear

First post of 2016!!!! Yay!! I wanted to share with you all my go-to outfit for running around town on the weekends! I can't wait to see what 2016 has in store--happy reading!

When running around, I opt for comfy-cute outfits because really, who wants to be out all day in a dress and heels... I'm almost always in leggings with an oversized shirt/sweater. This sweater from H&M was TEN DOLLARS.... yes I said 10 dollars. I love the high slit up the sides, it gives it a more chic feel. I couldn't find the exact one but I've linked similar ones here, here and here
Another staple is black leggings, my favorites are these or these, they all look the same
I usually split my shoes 50/50 between these Nike's and these vans! If you have never tried on these nike running shoes-YOU HAVE NOT LIVED!!! They are the most comfortable shoe I own, it literally feels like I'm walking on clouds. I also really love my black leather vans because it gives the outfit a more edgy feel, which I am really into. 
I LOVE a good oversized frame, I am wearing these AND I found them on sale for $20!!! but also love these.
Last, but certainly not least is a handbag--it really just varies on my mood that day but I tend to grab a big bag so that when I'm out somewhere I can just shove everything into it and go, but other bags I grab are also this and this! 

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