gift guide: for him

Hi!!! I am back with a Gift Guide: For Him! Whether the man in your life is a brother, husband, boyfriend, dad or grandpa I have rounded up the best gifts for this season! I personally find gift guides so helpful when I am looking for a gift. This year I am using this guide for my dad's birthday as well as Christmas gifts for my brothers and grandpa! I hope you enjoy!

Fit Bit: This is the perfect gift for the guy who loves to be active and keep in shape! It tracks your heart rate, how you sleep and how many calories you burn as well as your daily steps! They can download the app on their phone and keep track of their progress.
Lulu Lemon Joggers: I recently purchased these for someone and he loves them! He wears them all the time, they are so soft! They are also a super warm jogger so they are perfect for the winter!
Bose Wireless headphones: This is also a perfect gift for a guy who loves to workout! Wireless headphones are really great for working out because the cord doesn't get all tangled in your arms! 
Duffel Bag: I think this duffel bag is so cute! Most guys would never buy a travel bag for themselves so I find them great gifts! Especially if the guy you are buying for travels often. 
Lulu Lemon Hat: This hat is very light weight and so so cute! Any guy would look great in this piece! It's just like a sleek baseball cap! It's also at a really great price!
Pomade Kit: This gift set is perfect for the guys who are obsessed with their hair! These are really great pomades! They hold hair in place while still being flexible! 
Kiehl's Set: I love this gift set for men! Kiehl's is an amazing skin care brand, especially for men! The men's moisturizer is great for men and women!! If there is one MUST on this list, than this is it! Any guy is guaranteed to love it!

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