Gingham Dress

Hi! OK... can you guys tell me what you do for fun?!?! Since I'm on summer break I am SO BORED.... Today I wandered around Hobby Lobby for fun ..??? I've organized my clothes a million times and I have laid in bed for as long as I physically can!!! Anywho, on to the post!

I'm back with the cutest off the shoulder dress! Gingham is super in right now, so I don't like to spend a ton of money on "trendy" items because who knows if I will wear it a year from now. My favorite place to get affordable, trendy items is ASOS! Saying I love ASOS would be an understatement... Last year I paid $19 for 2-day shipping FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR???? Honestly I don't even think that is legal ....?? But I am definitely not complaining. If you are thinking about getting it, it is SO worth it! I have some other super cute affordable pieces coming to the blog this week so stay tuned! Xo


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